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The Basics of Getting Seen On the Internet: SEO

Do you want your new website to be seen by brand new prospective customers?   If so, you'll need to learn how to leverage the power of search engines like Google. Search engines have the power to drive customers to your website.   This article is really about SEO -...

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Should You Use Windows or Linux Website hosting?

Background: What Does "Hosting" Mean? How do people around the world - or even in your town - see your website? Because there is a special-purpose computer that constantly displays your website online, 24x7. That special purpose computer is a web server. It has two...

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How Do I Reach New Customers With My Website?

Unless you set up your website for personal, ego, or purely "image" reasons, you're probably interested in learning how your website can help develop new customers for your business. For your website investment to work hard for your business, you have to set the stage...

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